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Research Interests

My research mission is to:

 evaluate the effectiveness of technology policy options for 

                    their ability to facilitate sustainable societal energy transitions 

                                                    using holistic (engineering) systems analysis. 

Sustainable transportation
  • Commercial aviation sustainability
  • Personal Rapid Transit systems
  • Biofuel deployment and assessment
    • Integrated Seawater Agriculture systems
Energy consumption and generation patterns 
  • Ecological footprint of economic sectors (electricity/water/cooling for residential and commercial
  • developments)
  • Behavioral incentives for consumption changes
  • Energy as a complementary currency
  • Techno-economic assessment and optimization of renewable energy generation technologies (e.g. solar cooling, post-combustion carbon capture and storage)
  • Bioduels
  • Aviation biofuels potential 
    • Integrated Seawater Agriculture Systems development for arid coastal environments
    • Feedstock / biofuel slate pathway optimization
    • Lifecycle assessment of ISAS production

Sustainable Energy Transitions
  • Business cycle impacts and optimal policy responses
  • Carbon market expansion and economic impacts in conjunction with rates of renewable energy penetration and fossil fuel depletion

Engineering Systems Analysis Methods
  • Simulation modeling
    • system dynamics, 
    • agent-based modeling, 
    • discrete event
    • multi-objective optimization
    • lifecycle assessment
  • CLIOS systems analysis